Sacred Sexuality – Reclaiming the Divine Feminine, by A’ra Blair (Author)

When you reclaim the Divine Feminine, you create a world where women are fully empowered, living passionately and being loved in extraordinary ways.

This book is dedicated to the awakening of every Soul to their full potential as emissaries of light and love, to the surrender of Ego to its rightful place as servant, to Spirit to the sacred expression of our sexuality as a path to enlightenment, to the intimate union of the Divine Feminine with the Sacred Masculine.

About the Author

A’ra Blair is a beacon of light in the area of personal transformation. As an accomplished Spiritual Life Coach and Counselor, she has assisted many in overcoming personal and sexual trauma in order to fully embrace their magnificence. In addition to her one-on-one work with clients, she works with couples as a Relationship Enhancement Coach and serves as nurse and teen counselor for the Centers for Spiritual Living summer and winter camps. She also facilitates workshops and speaks at conferences.

Her workshops include: Sacred Sexuality, Reclaiming the Divine Feminine, Movement as Prayer, Embodying Spiritual Principles, Goddess Giving Gathering Sacred Energy, an Experiential Journey Quantum Healing, Unlocking Your Cellular Energy Potential.

In addition, A’ra has assisted in facilitating workshops such as What Will Set You Free, Sacred Woman, Holy Life, Beyond Limits, Releasing the Inner Magician.

She is also one of the founding organizers for Smile Denver, a flash mob and movement experiment.

A’ra s personal journey from self-loathing to self-love and self-expression came about as a commitment to break free from childhood traumas and sexual abuse, and learn the truth of who she is. She has traveled the world participating in yoga and movement retreats. She has been a long time member of women’s circles and thrives on ritual and ceremony as demonstrated throughout this book. Her 25 years of study and transformative work in spirituality, meditation, energy work, yoga, trauma resolution, quantum physics, relationship enhancement, and personal growth have prepared A’ra to live the qualities of the Divine Feminine in service to Humanity’s Wholeness.

By embodying these qualities, her presence, heals, transforms, and gives permission for the radical expression of Sacred Sexuality.

A’ra is a Licensed Spiritual Counselor and Trauma Resolution Specialist. She holds degrees in nursing, communication, and writing. In addition, she holds numerous leadership awards and certificates in non-traditional education. She serves as a practitioner at Mile Hi Church, one of the largest new thought spiritual centers in the world with a congregation of over 10,000 members and friends.

In 2007, she retired from the Army Reserve s Medical Corp and presently serves supervising Sexual Health Professionals for the state of Colorado.

sacred-sexA’ra has written a magnificent book detailing her journey of her sexual experiences through her life and what she has learned from them in a divine perspective. She shares her very honest story with you and she conveys her wisdom in order to help the world overcome misconceptions of sexual fallacies. Ara has developed a set of journal exorcises at the end of each chapter to help us understand and deal with our own experiences and heal from them. Whether you are male or female, she goes to great lengths to help heal those that are wounded by abusive sexual experiences and misconceptions. It is a great tool, thank you A’ra for such an important book for the entire planet.


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