His Secret Desire (A Steamy Romance Novel), by Alana Davis

his secret desire romance novel reviewFive careless words. Five little words was all it took to upend my life and change my world forever.

Samantha Dubois lives in a bland, fluorescent, world of gray. Her life once had so much potential and promise, but not anymore. Working as an underpaid and overworked temp at Strauss Engines, she struggles to get through every day. One fateful day, a few careless words out of her mouth send her on a collision course with the wealthy, powerful, and mysterious CEO of Strauss Engines, Alexander Strauss.

Drawn into this world of intrigue and multi-million dollar deals, Samantha struggles to adapt as her relationship with the scorching Alexander Strauss gets more… complicated. Alexander Strauss himself has plans of his own for the young Samantha, plans that may alter the course of her life forever.

*Note: His Secret Desire was originally published as a five part serial novel. This is the full collection of all five parts. This is the newly edited version 7/2/2013*

Reviews for the “His Secret Desire” series:
“Love…Love…Love the story. Can not put it down!!!! This was a wonderful novella with a great story line. Read this story in a few hours.”
- Missey G

“Great reading, hard to put down. Nice to get lost in all the romance and looking forward to the next sequels.”
- Kelly Tobita

“I fell in love with this book. I really only bought it because i had nothing to read but omg did i make the best buy. I bought the second book right after i finished the first, I couldn’t put it down.”
- Sasha Weaver

“Just can’t believe the cliff hanger seriously loving this story roll on book 3.. It is just so erotic absolutely love the characters. I just seem to get lost in it and it is well written.. hope there will be a book 4 so the story doesn’t end :)”
- bettyboo!!

“I thought this book was great! If you like these types of books I highly recommend reading this series!”
- itybity

“I loved the story, it really draws you in and takes you on a wild ride in a young woman’s life transition. It has all the good stuff of great reads, romance, sex, betrayal, intrigue… Recommend it!”
- Anabannana

“Great story line! Quick, fun read. Can’t wait to read the rest and see what happens! If you liked Anything He Wants series, you’ll enjoy His Secret Desire.”
- K. Howe

“I love these books, soon as you picked them up to read you didn’t want to stop till you finished then you cant wait tell the next one came out.”
- Sabrina

“I love to read especially with free kindle books. The title had me hooked. I stayed up all night reading part 1 then I went to Amazon & bought Part 2. I couldn’t stop reading. I had my husband reading it also. He only reads mechanical repair books. It’s so enticing & erotic. I can’t wait for part 3.”
- Chris men

“I absolutely love this book. It is very well written and so addictive. Had it read in few hours.. Very easy to get lost in the story.. ”
- bettyboo

“Has a good open beginning to detail and easy way to get wrapped up in the story as well as wanting to have it be true.”
- Angelique Perez

“I love this book cannot wait for the rest to come out of an erotic romance serial novel.this book was very sexy and hot.”
- Alice June Davis

“I enjoyed it very much. Thank you so very much for writing it.”
- Jenny

“It’s really good. I really enjoyed it. The sequence of events were interesting.”
- Kaonue09

“Great book! Love it!”
- Pen Name

Product Details
Print Length: 223 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

I did enjoy this story. There were minor grammatical errors such as switching from first person to third person particularly at the beginning of the story. There were missing words and in one instance I could not decipher an entire sentence because words were missing. I also am confused as to what happened to Samantha’s parents. She references that they fought a lot but nothing more. Then alexander comments that it must have been difficult again in reference to her parents. I’m not sure what he means. Did her parents divorce or die? Was he simply referencing that they fought? If so how would he know that? Samantha was a temp. Even if he did a background check on her he wouldn’t have details like that about her parents. While I did enjoy the story I would have liked a more in depth development of the characters. They seem too one dimensional. For a quick entertaining summer read this is well worth reading. But if I had to pay for it I would have felt that I was cheated because the story and characters needed more development.

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