The Secret Pleasures of Menopause, by Christiane Northrup

The Secret Pleasures of Menopause

The Secret Pleasures of Menopause

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Publication Date: October 15, 2008
The Secret Pleasures of Menopause is a groundbreaking book that is long overdue! Christiane Northrup, M.D., delivers a breakthrough message that will help millions and millions of perimenopausal and menopausal women just like you understand that at menopause . . . life has just begun! It is the beginning of a very exciting and fulfilling time, full of pleasure beyond your wildest dreams! Dr. Northrup believes that it’s time for you to step forward and learn to enjoy the best years of your life! Even though studies show that menopause doesn’t decrease libido, ease of reaching orgasm, or sexual satisfaction, the majority of menopausal women aren’t experiencing the pleasure and sexual satisfaction that is their birthright. It is a long-held misconception that menopause signals “the beginning of the end,” and nothing could be further from the truth. In this fascinating book, Dr. Northrup candidly guides you toward experiencing life after 50 as the most pleasurable time of your life!
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Print Length: 193 pages
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Publisher: Hay House; 1 edition (October 15, 2008)
Language: English

I found this book a great change from Dr. Northrup’s other books, which I have read over and over again. It took me reading this one twice to see its magnificence. It combines ancient simple philosophy with modern science to transform our bodies at the deepest level via our chemistry and biology all done through positive thinking! Dr. Nothrup teamed up with the Noble Prize winning M.D, Dr. Murad and Dr. Edward A. Taub, using their biological theory of the free radical gas in our bodies called Nitric Oxide and how it can transform us on an upward cycle by focusing on pleasure and positive life force energy to create more and more nitric oxide. This is a very healthy free radical just as there is good and bad cholesterol. I found this simple yet profound book exactly what I needed to here. We all do tend to favor negative energy and compete for who has it the hardest, which is destroying our health by depleting our nitric oxide levels. By focusing on the positive and learning to love and accept ourselves we can transform our lives with an abundance of powerful good feelings, joy and hope. It’s a new approach to the power of positive thinking with science by Medical Doctors, who won a Nobel Prize for their efforts, to back it up!

I feel very empowered to acheive optimal health through these new theories. I already eat with nutritional excellent from the book, “Eat To Live” by Joel Furham, M.D. and I am at my ideal weight. I exericise a lot and take many suppilmental vitamins and yet I have high blood pressure and suffer from anxiety. Just after reading this book and finding faith in it’s words, I feel so much better and I even got my sex-drive back! This is a short easy book to read and I highly recommend it to everyone, not just women.

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