Secret Words (Secret Dreams Contemporary Romance 1), by Miranda P. Charles

Secret Words Book ReviewWhen Jasmine Allen meets Kane Summers in the unlikeliest of places, she isn’t expecting the swift and immediate attraction she feels for him. But Jasmine has a secret she isn’t at all comfortable sharing with anyone, least of all, the hunky guy who is literally sweeping her off her feet.

Kane Summers is a sucker for damsels in distress. When he finds himself wanting to protect Jasmine Allen in more ways than one, the instant chemistry they have for each other hits him squarely in the chest. But Kane’s life is complicated, and he isn’t totally free to act on the fascination he feels for her.

Kane and Jasmine are fighting a losing battle to stay away from each other. But circumstances—and certain people—beyond their control are very much intent on keeping them apart. How can they find their way past secrets and malicious intents to nurture a love that, if given the chance, could last a lifetime?

Each book in the Secret Dreams series is a complete stand-alone novel that would give you enjoyment on its own. However, to enhance your experience of this series, the author recommends reading them in order.

Book 1: Secret Words (Jasmine Allen and Kane Summers)
Book 2: Secret Designs (Ari Mitchell and Dylan Summers)
Book 3: Secret Moves (Kris McCann and Trey Andrews)
Book 4: Secret Tastes (Samantha Lane and Adam Craig)

Product Details

Print Length: 243 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1490542353
Language: English

Secret Words is a fun romantic ride with some twists and turns that I didn’t expect. Jasmine meets Kane when she needs to desperately use a restroom so she resorts to the men’s room. Their first encounter is fun and quirky as Kane assists a damsel in distress. Both Kane and Jasmine have secret’s in their lives that seem to keep them at arm’s length but when Jasmine is in need of a rescue a second time, Kane doesn’t hesitate to step in. This allows them to have a slow build into a steamy relationship. As they get closer, people in their lives conspire to keep them apart which pushes Jasmine to make the ultimate sacrifice. Step in the best friends that make the right moves to get this relationship back on track. I truly enjoyed both Jasmine and Kane – each brought something to the table in their relationship and you saw them take this and build toward something bigger for their future.

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