Captivated: Adam & Ella, by Emily Jane Trent

Captivated Romance Novel ReviewElla’s life turns from boring to exciting when she meets Adam, the gorgeous Italian from Brazil.

Adam is drawn to her – determined to release the passion she holds inside.
Ella is ordinary in her eyes, but when Adam sees her beauty, the light turns on in her life. He’s a romantic Italian on vacation, surfing at Ella’s beach. But the gorgeous billionaire has secrets. Ella feels like she’s known him forever, but fears she will lose him. Can you meet your soul mate, only to lose him in the same instant?

˃˃˃ Adam shouldn’t involve Ella in the evil he must face in Brazil. But will he stay away from her?

Ella Walker, still suffering from issues of mental abuse, turns twenty-one and meets the man of her dreams. Can she break the bonds of her emotional prison and be the woman he desires? As an aspiring romance author, Ella struggles to find passion in her work. When Adam Bianci, the gorgeous Italian billionaire appears in her life, he lights up her drab existence. She’s determined not to let him slip through her grasp. But will his secrets and the tangled web of his own abuse keep them apart?
About the Author
Emily Jane Trent writes steamy romances about characters you’ll get to know and love. The sex scenes are hot and the romance even hotter! If you are a fan of stories with a heroine that’s got spunk and a hunk of a hero that you’d like to take home with you, these stories are what you’re looking for. Emily’s romantic tales will let you escape into a fantasy – and you won’t want it to end – ever. Find Emily’s books at her blog:

Product Details
Print Length: 212 pages
Publisher: Camden Lee Press, LLC; 1 edition (January 20, 2014)
Language: English

There was much I loved about this book where do I begin? Adam was a child prodigy with whom his father had taken advantage of. He spent his childhood and time as a teenager trying to make his father proud but his father only seemed to care about one thing: money and how Adam could support that. Thankfully when he became of age he managed to get his own company started which allowed him to take care of the two people he loved most: his mother and sister. Ella was always made to feel less than what she was. Her father was emotional abusive and her mother made her feel like a mistake she should’ve never given birth to. After an abusive relationship she moved with her friend who genuinely loved her like the sister she never had and the sister she left behind just won’t forgive her for leaving her behind.

I loved the romance in the book. Even though the attraction was clearly there from the moment they saw each other on the beach though they didn’t give in to it. I loved that Adam adored her and at every turn let her know that. He wasn’t pushy and domineering and wanting to know where she was every second of the day or strict on how she wore her clothes. This was a relief for me. Most billionaires in these stories are domineering Adam wasn’t. He held such empathy which I absolutely loved. He was sensitive and attentive something she never had and not quite sure that she deserved. He appreciated his wealth but he never flaunted it Ella didn’t seem to care about his money either just him. His words of adoration weren’t over the top but exactly what a girl that suffered from years of emotional abuse needed to hear. I love the numerous phone conversations they had when apart.

They seem to genuinely want to know about each other. It had a first love type of feel to it loved the anticipation of each moment they would have together. The build up to their first time was worth the wait. It almost brought me to tears. I never realized just how fragile Ella was until that moment. The moment on the boat was so intense yet romantic. I loved the ending so much but I didn’t want it to end. I loved that he encouraged her to finish her novel. Not every guy encourages a woman to embrace her passion. I’m secretly hoping that Adam will miss her so much that he will send for her, I have no idea if video chats will be enough after the intense moments they have shared. The only thing I didn’t like about the book was that ended. I’m looking forward to getting to know more about Adam and Ella.
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