The Grim: Midnight Squad Book 1, by J.L.M. Visada

The Grim fictionKilling was easy, relationships are hard.

For Joseph “Grim” Reaper life was simple. Wake up every morning, get his assignment, and then go leave a body count. He was one of the top black ops soldiers in the world, but then it all came crashing down around him after one failed mission. His men were killed, he was tortured, and when he finally escaped nobody believed his tale about a psychotic Jinn. Instead of celebrating his success, they locked him in a nuthouse. The days just ran together as one doctor after another dismissed his tale as the ramblings of a broken mind trying to make sense of the loss of an entire team. Eventually he just had to escape or lose what little sanity he still had.

Things weren’t exactly great after his escape. Self-medicating on alcohol didn’t help. It was just a matter of time before he screwed up and got caught. Joseph expected to get sent back to the asylum, or maybe even prison. What he didn’t expect was to be offered a new team. It’s a chance to get his life back. All he has to do is take over a new squad and help with their training. It certainly seemed easy enough.

Of course that was before he got to the secret compound out in the middle of the desert. He was expecting hardcore soldiers, men that were tough as nails and knew how to take orders. Instead he got a horny ghost nun, a fiery goth witch, a lonely lesbian werewolf, a sexy vampire with a serious video game addiction, and if that wasn’t enough…they stuck him with the Jinn that tortured him and killed his men. Joseph Reaper’s life just got a whole lot more interesting. He’s determined to train them even if it kills him, and it just might.

It’s a full length erotic urban fantasy filled with action and comedy. Take a peek by clicking on the “Click to LOOK INSIDE!” At the top left corner of the page. This book is filled with steamy sex, funny situations, fantasy, science fiction, and action. It has a little bit of everything: epic pillow fights, an adorable stuffed skunk, clones, guns, secret military plans, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, witches, technology, romance, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s a funny vampire romance that is equal parts comedy, christian fiction, action, and erotica. It blends together in the funniest paranormal romance you’ll have ever read.

Print Length: 353 pages
Publisher: The K – Fantasy; 1 edition (April 14, 2014)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

“The book is hilarious and the humor starts on the copyright page.”- Sadie Forsythe

“I laughed out loud so many times, I thought I might wake the neighbors or kids.”- M. Philo

“This book was FUNNY! I had tears coming out I laughed so hard.”-allicat “allicat4848″

“It is a thought provoking discussion and I have never heard Christianity explained so well.”- a mac

“The best way I could describe this would be that it is in the top three books I have ever read.”- A Customer

“I was literally unable to put this book down..was up until 3.30 am reading.”- M. Ellison “Arthritis sufferer”
From the Author
I just had a blast writing this. It’s just fun writing about a guy surrounded by beautiful women, and let’s be honest almost all women are beautiful in their own unique ways. (With the exception of wicked stepmothers, and most reality show celebrities.) Watching him grow from a horndog that thinks with his little head, to a man that really cares about the women around him was a pleasure. The women were just as much fun, and I’m looking forward to really developing them all more fully in the future. I loved watching them grow into something more than glorified eye candy. If I have any complaint, it is that during the writing process I’ve really become addicted to this, and between writing and reading kindle books like its some kind of weird fetish, my XBox Call of Duty skills have eroded. So thank you all for reading it, and if you haven’t got it yet then grab a copy and come in closer because I want to tell you a really funny story.

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